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Ciamillo is Restructuring for Better Lead Times and Quality

Manufacturing of my designs has been taken back to the artisan level with no employees.

shop 2As was done the first three years of operation, I now make everything at Ciamillo myself. All parts except hardware are designed, CNC machined, anodized, pad-printed, assembled, tested and boxed by me. My decision to do everything myself came as a result of employees’ low production rates, out-of-tolerance parts, and lack of attention to detail. The struggle to find competent workers with a sense of urgency and responsibility is common in business but my standards for function and finish place my products as much in the art category as the component category. In February 2014, I rejected close to 80% of what employees produced; a trend that had been on the rise since the recession. This in turn caused great delays in shipment on the product. The artisan operation is ideal for maintaining quality and brand regard with the only drawback being reduced volume and usually higher prices. However, my restructuring also involved reprogramming my machines and streamlining the operation to actually allow for lower prices.

I have reprogrammed my machines to make parts more efficiently. shop 5When employees were operating my equipment, the machines were programmed and setup to run 2 parts per cycle with an average cycle time of around 4 minutes. Working by myself and doing everything myself means that I must be very conscious of time management and the efficiency of each task in the business. One of the drawbacks to spending so much time on the shop floor is that I have little time for sales, answering emails and general customer service. shop 3This fact has been a weak point for me until now. With all the machines set to need reloading every 4 minutes and no employees, the machining work was consuming the majority of my time. 6 weeks ago I decided to begin reprogramming the machines to do not just 2 parts per cycle but 30 or 36 parts per cycle. With a few setups being created with cycle times exceeding 3 hours such as the operation seen below producing 36 caliper arms per cycle, I have created a situation where the machines can be loaded for the long operations allowing me to do other things. IMG_3254They may also be loaded and set to run after lights out and making parts after hours. With these improvements in efficiency and quality, I analyzed my new profit margins and found that I am able to bring down the prices considerably for the two road caliper products, the 2014 GSL and the 2014 GSL Micro. The price for the Micro has dropped from $429 to $299 and the GSL has dropped from $369 to $279 .

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shop 8Although this means the best product ever produced out of Ciamillo, please have patience in this transition when attempting to reach me as the majority of my day is spent on the shop floor making parts. Lead time estimation and communication with my customers is improving on a daily basis as I remove the burden of large dealer orders and deal directly with you, the end user. The brakes are made in batches of 50 which take 10 days to complete.

With doing everything myself, the quality of each step is greatly improved and the craftsmanship in the final product is to my personal standards – the very best.

Thank you for choosing Ciamillo,

Ted Ciamillo