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header-animate--1Ciamillo is Restructuring for Better Lead Times and Quality

Artisan Manufacturing.

shop 2As was done the first three years of operation, I make everything at Ciamillo myself. All parts except hardware are designed, CNC machined, anodized, pad-printed, assembled, tested and boxed by me.  The artisan operation is ideal for maintaining quality and brand. I use solid modeling CAD/CAM software for the design work, CNC mills and lathes for all the in house machining work, and I design and build all my own molds. I built a custom compression molding machine that is used with these molds to create the flukes for the Lunocet Pro and the carbon fiber arms for the Gravitas calipers.


From raw materials to finished product.

shop 5Working alone means that I must be very conscious of time management and the efficiency of each task in the business. One of the drawbacks to spending so much time on the shop floor is that I have little time for sales, answering emails and general customer service - I leave this to my partners below. However,shop 3 I do program my machines to do multiple parts per cycle. With a few setups being created with cycle times exceeding 3 hours such as the operation seen to the right which is producing 36 caliper arms per cycle, I have created a situation where the machines can be loaded for the long operations allowing me to continue R&D while product is being made. The machines may also be loaded and set to run after lights out.


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