Lunocet Pro


The Lunocet Pro precisely emulates the morphology and swimming dynamics of a dolphin’s flukes. It is a device which models the millions of years of evolution in the dolphin tail by replicating its geometry, scale, and swimming dynamics. It is a biomimetic (mimicking biology) lunate tail propulsor which addresses with fine detail the secrets of efficiency and power of fast swimming dolphins. The result?… The Ultimate Swim Fin. The lunocet amplifies your experience of the sea by considerably increasing mobility efficiency. With far less exertion than conventional monofins and bi-fins, you have the ability to cover literally miles underwater during a new “lunocentric” activity we call Hydrotouring.

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With feedback from competitors and enthusiasts, strengths of the design have been optimized in the new 2015 Lunocet Pro model. Most notably is the stiffness and robustness of the peduncle spring. This spring and the peduncle have been improved with a larger, more powerful spring and dual pivots as opposed to the single pivot design of ’14 Luno peduncle. In addition the fluke geometry has been refined and a new core added that optimizes the flexibility gradient of the flukes for increased power.



The Dual Pivot Peduncle has the advantage of dividing the pitching load on the spring in half. The robustness of the spring is greatly improved. The ’14 Luno spring was designed for the classic Lunocet and was at the edge of usability in terms of stiffness when applied to the new Pro model. The increased size of the new ’15 Pro spring handles the forces of a 70% increase in surface area of the flukes quite well and allows for a larger adjustment in stiffness with the three settings.

The new Lunocet Pro has been designed specifically for the sport of competitive freediving. The Luno Pro delivers superior performance in acceleration, buoyancy and drag characteristics, and power. With approximately 70% more surface area than the standard Lunocet, the 2015 Lunocet Pro model is simply the most powerful swim fin on the market. The compact modular design of the standard Lunocet is carried over in the new Lunocet Pro.



Integration of cycling shoes. (not included) The lunocet uses road cycling or triathlon shoes for both power and comfort. shoe standard copyThe power transfer comes from the rigid soles which allows the shoe to transfer power from the legs and body into the peduncle (the part which transitions the feet to the flukes). All road cycling and triathlon shoes have a standard bolt-hole-pattern which mates with the bolt-hole-pattern on the lunocet. Six stainless steel screws (provided) are used to attach any of these shoes to the lunocet. The shoes may be purchased online or by visiting and getting fitted at your local bike shop. Road and triathlon cycling shoes vary greatly in price from inexpensive brands such as Gavin ($39.95) to more expensive brands such as Sidi ($150 and up). The Sidi brand cycling shoes hold up well in saltwater and last several years as long as the shoe is rinsed with fresh water after each use.

Lunos are built super tough. The compact size and rubber skin of the flukes allows for free energetic use around others divers without worry of injury.Jeff-2
The robustness and compactness also makes for the easiest fin for transport on the market. The Luno Pro quickly separates into three pieces that can be carried in a small backpack on board a plane.

  • High acceleration and top speed.
  • 3 speed settings.
  • Dual Pivot Peduncle.
  • Optional adjustable footdeck
  • 5.3 lbs (out of water) : 0.5 lbs negative (in saltwater)
  • Span of flukes: 30 in (762 mm)
  • Maximal Chord : 9.5 in (241 mm)