2014 GSL


Introducing the all New 2014 Negative GSL  $279. (how to order)


The 2014 Negative GSL high performance rim brake for road bikes comes with  following new features:
  • Increased power and modulation
  • Reduced weight -155 grams for the set (without pads)
  • User tuning feature to eliminate chatter, squeal, or play between caliper arms
  • Compatibility with narrow, standard, wide, and extra wide rims
I have taken the GSL project to a direct-only status and am building each of these brakesets myself. Stout and trusty GSL architecture has proven merit with over 10,000 sets on bikes worldwide. The 2014 GSL takes this super rigid platform to a new level with some gains in power and modulation due to a new bearing surface for the titanium center bolt, a new weight reducing alloy quick release, a new maintenance feature for user tuning of play, and all the hardware needed to setup any rim on the market. The new bearing surface has reduced friction which translates into greater modulation but also improved top-end clamping force.


The new tuning feature allows the user to make adjustments to the spacing between the caliper arms. This allows for the elimination of play that develops over time in any road caliper design and can be a cause of reduced modulation, power, and the development of  pad squeal.
All hardware is included for the padholder configuration on any rim width. It simply requires selecting the configuration of double-sided spherical washers placed between the padholder and caliper arm to create a situation where the cam rises to less than half the total stroke as the pads make contact with the rim. There are four rim width configurations possible:
  • No double sided sphericals : widest rims
  • Thin double side sphericals : wide rims
  • Thick double sided sphericals : standard rims
  • Thick and thin nested together : narrow rims