Road Caliper Setup

Setup procedure for all Ciamillo Road Calipers



Improper setup can result in little or no braking power. The most common mistake made in setting up Ciamillo brakes is failure to use the proper hardware at the padholders (double-sided spherical washers). The gap between the pads and the rim should be 1.5mm on each side. This must be set using the double-sided sphericals NOT the barrel adjuster. When setting up the brakes with new pads, the cam arm (6) should be at the bottom of its stroke as shown in the diagram above. If the gap between the pad and the rim is greater than 2mm, you must insert the thick (4) or the thin (5) double-sided sphericals or both stacked in the case of very narrow rims. Failure to do this will result in the cam hitting the underside of the barrel adjuster preventing further power transfer to the rim. If you have setup the brakes properly and power begins to fade, it is time to change the pads. In addition to selecting proper padholder hardware, PLEASE MAKE SURE THE HOUSING IS NOT TOO LONG OR TOO SHORT. Improper housing length will bias the balanced spring by pushing down (housing tool long) or pulling up (housing too short). Improper housing length is the reason for Ciamillo brakes drifting off center – 100% of the time.