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 An Ocean Adventure… The lunocet will literally change your perception of the ocean. When you put on a lunocet you will experience graceful yet powerful propulsion. Through streamlined undulation of the body activating the precise hydrofoil flukes of the lunocet, you feel as if you have been transformed into a marine mammal. Suddenly, with the ease of gliding through the water, the ocean doesn’t seem as big as it used to be. Soon you are spending more time underwater than on the surface. The lunocet can take you places. It can take you great distances underwater with little exertion and maximize your chances of marine life encounters. It will take you over miles of colorful reef, through thousands of schools of fish, and into blue water where you may swim sided by side with a whale or a whale shark. 

The lunocet was born of a need for speed… underwater speed. It was born of a need for freedom underwater; to shed the constraints of drag and to augment poor human swimming ability underwater. The lunocet is a device which models the millions of years of evolution in the dolphin tail by replicating the geometry, scale, and morphology dynamics of what is called the lunate tail propulsor (biologist Sir James Lighthill noted the crescent moon shape of caudal fins of fish and flukes of whales hence the term lunate). The lunocet is a biomimetic (mimicking biology) lunate tail propulsor which addresses with fine detail the secrets of efficiency and power of fast swimming dolphins. The result?… The most efficient swim fin ever developed. The lunocet amplifies your experience of the sea by considerably increasing mobility. With far less exertion than conventional monofins and bi-fins, you have the ability to cover literally miles underwater during a new “lunocentric” activity we call Hydrotouring.

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Integration of cycling shoes. (not included) The lunocet uses road cycling or triathlon shoes for both power and comfort. shoe standard copyThe power transfer comes from the rigid soles which allows the shoe to transfer power from the legs and body into the peduncle (the part which transitions the feet to the flukes). All road cycling and triathlon shoes have a standard bolt-hole-pattern which mates with the bolt-hole-pattern on the lunocet. Six stainless steel screws (provided) are used to attach any of these shoes to the lunocet. The shoes may be purchased online or by visiting and getting fitted at your local bike shop. Road and triathlon cycling shoes vary greatly in price from inexpensive brands such as Gavin ($39.95) to more expensive brands such as Sidi ($150 and up). The Sidi brand cycling shoes hold up well in saltwater and last several years as long as the shoe is rinsed with fresh water after each use.

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  • Pitching mechanism with four speed settings.
  • Super efficient cambered flukes.
  • Integration with all road or triathlon cycling shoes.
  • Robust CNC machined aluminum and rubber construction.
  • 6 year warranty.
  • 100% Made in the USA
Pitching Mechanism (patent pending).

The lunocet has a spring-loaded pitching mechanism which creates the angle of attack for lift on the foilspitch using the water pressure from swimming for actuation. The rubber spring allows for four different tension settings from flexible for slow super efficient swimming through rigid for sprinting. The tension is set by the placement of the tensioner in one of four locations each of which have the affect of altering the pitch dynamics of the flukes as they respond to the water pressure created when swimming with the lunocet.

Cambered Flukes (patent pending). 

side luno copyThe lunocet has cambered flukes which respond to the water pressure created when swimming. The cambered foil is more efficient than the symmetrical foil but the cambered foil creates lift in just one direction. Most hydrofoils are symmetrical due to the requirement to create lift in two directions. The fluke of an undulating lunate tail propulsor is no different. However, the lunocet performs a trick of efficiency by utilizing the water pressure to create an induced camber into the the symmetrical foils. In the static condition, the foils are symmetrical but when the lunocet is undulated in the water it billows the membrane which is supported by the core to produce a cambered more efficient fluke. The camber is dynamic and changes sides with the change of stroke.

Anodized CNC Machined Structure. 

The lunocet is constructed of CNC machined anodized aluminum for the core, foot deck and peduncle. The flukes are a composite of rubber compression molded around an aluminum core frame. The hinge pin is 316 stainless steel with a delrin bearing.



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